Tracklisting for Reconcile’s free album ‘Abandoned Hope’ out March 23, 2012 on Full Ride Music Group.

The Listening Session will be taking place on the Rapzilla iPhone & Android app and tomorrow at 12 noon!

1. Abandoned Hope (feat. P.T. Ngwolo)
2. Never Would Have Made It
3. Hold Us Down (feat. Thi’sl)
4. U Rydin Remix (feat. Corey Paul & PRo)
5. One Step Closer
6. Give It To Em (feat. Dre Murray, Corey Paul & Lapo)
7. Teenage Mother (feat. Stephanie Wilson)
8. He Rose
9. Ride (feat. Canon & Corey Paul)
10. (10-20-Life)
11. Upside Down Me
12. Ooo You (feat. Corey Paul)
13. Never Stops (feat. 007 & Corey Paul)
14. Take Off (feat. Corey Paul)
15. What Will It Take From Me
16. Light Up The World