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Rapzilla.com’s 12 Freshman of 2012 – T-Word


This STL born and raised youngin’ has been on his grind since the age of 15, but 2011 was definitely the biggest year for T-Word. When we interviewed him back in July at Legacy Conference in Chicago, IL he revealed to us details of his first major project, an EP he is currently working on entitled ‘Big Mouth’.

In October, T-Word released the first single from the EP “W.O.H.G.A. (Wizard On His Grind Again” and his first ever music video for the same song. This single/video showcased his agressive delivery and high-energy level, and introduced most to this young gunna. The second single released was “Dead Presidents“, the track features Bumps INF and one of the picks from last year’s freshman Canon. The single stayed in our Top 5 Hottest Downloads for numerous weeks, and made major noise all over the twittersphere.

With the release date of ‘Big Mouth’ undetermined, T-Word kept the hungry fans satisfied with the free project ‘I Told ‘Em‘. He was also featured on our compilation album ‘King Kulture’ with the appropriately titled track “Bars”, and most recently put out “King“, the 3rd and final single from ‘Big Mouth’.

His releases seem to take some time to drop, but when they do they don’t disappoint. Whenever the debut EP comes out and whatever’s after, we’ll definitely be keeping a look out for T-Word and you should too.

Purchase “King” on iTunes or AmazonMP3

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