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Rapzilla.com’s 12 Freshman of 2012 – Forever


*pictured above from left to right: Steve-T and Milley-Boy

Saint Louis, MI is known for a variety of sounds in Hip Hop, one of those being crunk music. Forever, the group which consist of the two members Milley-Boy and Steve-T are no strangers to this sound.

After first appearing on FLAME’s song “Move” from the album ‘Captured’, and also being featured in the music video for the song, we knew something was different about this group. Then we heard from them again with the track “Put Me In” and it was proven that they had something special. The track’s catchy hook and crunkalicious production provided by Steve-T was a hit, and the colorful video that came later was just as outstanding. Steve-T of Forever has lended his fresh sound to Json’s new album with the song “Brand New”, and also you’ll hear him on FLAME’s upcoming album ‘The 6th’.

We’re unsure of what’s next for this group, but we’re hoping to hear more.

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