Hello Revolution is the combination of two talented artists. Jamm is a producer, singer and songwriter from New Jersey. Sho Baraka is a rapper, songwriter, and visionary from Southern Cali. The pair met at Church in Atlanta and began to work on small projects. After countless hours spent in the studio they began to build a chemistry that was organic and pleasant to the ears. Years later they decided to form a team that would be known as Hello Revolution. With a mix of break-beats, jazz, soulful crooning and lyricism, Hello Rev is as diverse of a group as it gets. The team shares the same passion that music can be a means of entertainment, while at the same time communicating change and reconciliation in several areas of life. Their style can be summed up as “Good Music with a Purpose”.

1. Kill Jesus Praise Judas
2. Kill Jesus Praise Judas (Live from Tree Sound)
3. Kill Jesus Praise Judas Instrumental
4. Hello Change1.