Don Magavio “Repens toi” with lyrics

Repent, repent while you have time
Forget about your personal glory while time is in your hand
Seek the glory of your Lord, for this is the most important thing (x 2)

First verse
I woke up this morning feeling drained
I am so worried all I have is nightmares
My dreams were full of drama
I thought I was dead I saw myself in flame
But for me no surprise with the lifestyle that i live
Every night was party time i was bursting in hanger
When they told me about God
I just couldn’t believe in a God that I didn’t know
Just couldn’t believe in a Dud that I didn’t know
I made my choice somebody tell me what to do
I hope it aint to late for me, the wage of sin is death
This wage is high, Lord can you save me?
All of the sudden I hear a voice screaming “repent”
You have a choice you can choose life
Without questioning I chose life
It was a voice full of love his name is Jesus Christ!!!

Second verse
It’s never too late to change the past
So thank God I went from death to life
It’s now or never; don’t refuse to answer when he is calling
I finally understood that there’s no tomorrow
Therefore I want to walk in the fear of the Lord
I am out of the game, my new game is Christ
I changed my lyrics for better ones
I change my lifestyle I embrass a spiritual one
Do the first step and he will do the rest
My brother it’s best to roll with the best
I spit lyrics and Punchlines very easy
In a way he guides me with precision
He is my joy the one who inspires me
Thanks to him I have victory in spirit (hey)
It aint my fault i just say what he ask me to say
Anyway the truth hurts like when a gun sparks

Hard will be the road of those who denied Christ
But comfortable will life be for those who accepted him
Be vigilant keep the faith until your turn comes
We are living in the end of time
And his majesty will come back in flesh

What do you think?

Chad Horton

Written by Chad Horton

Chad Horton has been in the music business since 2000 with a focus on digital distribution, streaming, playlisting, and social media marketing. Chad is currently a Partnership Producer at working with clients such as Blizzard Entertainment, Google Pixel, and more. Chad also owns and operates Originally from Northern California, Chad became a San Diego resident in 2004 where he currently resides with his wife and children.

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