Breaking Down V.Rose’s song “Not So Average”

It’s been a surreal couple of weeks along the Gulf Coast. We have had the Coast Guard helicopter crash that killed 4 servicemen and just last week we had a young man who committed suicide. Even though the Coast Guard accident was tragic the suicide really shook me up. I have so many questions. Did someone try and reach him? Did he know Jesus, really know him? What would bring someone to that point? There are many stories floating around about the situation but one that seems to come up often is centered around a relationship and his feelings about himself. It really is just tragic and really makes me do a deep evaluation of my own life.

I can’t think of any better way to look at these issues than the way our next artist has. V. Rose is a young woman from Sacramento California, with a strong voice and crossover appeal. I had the opportunity recently to spend some time with V. Rose and was so impressed by her dedication and talent. The song we will take a look at is from her latest record and it is called “Not So Average”. I asked her about this song and here is the background she gave:

“The song was actually written for a friend of mine. I would listen to her and how she was wanting so bad to be like people from school. She wanted to be popular and accepted. To the point where she would actually count how many friends she had. When I was her age I could have really used someone telling me that I was perfect just the way I was. The way God made me was exactly what he wanted me to be. In turn I wrote her this song especially for her. This opened up a conversation between us and she even took it to school to try to show others that they are perfect the way they are”.

That is an absolutely the point that we all need to understand. Let’s take a look at her track. V.Rose “Not so Average”:

Who made up the rules of how you got to be Picture-perfect everything, so magazine I mean, I’m stuck in a world where I can’t just be me

So what if my nail polish always chips So what if I prefer to where my kicks You know, models aren’t really models when they’re not modeling

Why don’t you tell me something Cuz what I’m really wondering Is how long do you expect to be following Trying to be a star like them It’s not the way you’re gonna win, always trying to fit in

So I’m takin ay, ay, ay cuz no matter what you say, ay, ay We goin do it God’s way, ay, ay Cuz I’m just your average, not-so-average Ay, ay, ay, so tell em it’s okay, ay, ay You know what to say, ay, ay I’m just your average, not-so-average girl

I’m just your average, no-so-average girl

So what if I don’t got everything they have I’m the prettiest, you can ask my dad (go ask him) Cuz I’m not gonna spend my life chasing that

So what if I’m not a cheerleader and So what if you don’t even like my band (so what) I’m gonna be happy with whose I am

So let me tell you something You’re more beautiful than them (than them) Cuz who you have inside of you is part of Him And trying to be a star like them Is not the way you’re going to win Stop trying to fit in

Now we’re takin ay, ay, ay, it doesn’t matter what you say, ay, ay We goin do it God’s way, ay, ay Cuz I’m just your average, not-so-average Ay, ay, ay, so tell em it’s okay, ay, ay And we know what to say, ay, ay I’m just your average, not-so-average girl

I’m just your average, not-so-average girl The only way to shine like a star Is to realize whose you are You were created to go far Baby, doesn’t matter what you look like If you have Jesus on the inside Cuz everything that you need, in your life Ay, ay, ay, ay

That is really a great track. I love “You know, models aren’t really models when they’re not modeling”. That is so true. There are so many verses in the Bible that describe how perfect we are in God’s eyes but let’s take three points to look at.

1. You are perfect in God’s eyes. In Psalm 139:13-14 it says “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” During our interview V. Rose said that in this verse it shows that he took his time with us. He doesn’t mass produce us. We are all special in our own way.

2. God bought you for a price. 1 Corinthians 6:20 says “for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body”. Show his love for you through you. Understand that his love is unconditional. Be yourself.

3. The inside is what counts. The outside is merely a shell. Beauty is so much deeper than skin deep. In Matthew 7:20 is says that “Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them”. Your beauty is given by God and you can see that in people that have him. Let your fruit define your beauty.

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Chad Horton

Written by Chad Horton

Chad Horton has been in the music business since 2000 with a focus on digital distribution, streaming, playlisting, and social media marketing. Chad is currently a Partnership Producer at working with clients such as Blizzard Entertainment, Google Pixel, and more. Chad also owns and operates Originally from Northern California, Chad became a San Diego resident in 2004 where he currently resides with his wife and children.

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