Christian hip-hop record label, X-Hustler Music, has recently changed it’s name to Full Ride Music Group. The owner of Full Ride Music Group, Christian hip-hop artist, Thi’sl (I Hate You, My Radio On Drugs), has not only revised the name of the company, but has also added several major heavy hitters to his music roster. Full Ride Music Group features the passionate, Houston-acclaimed rapper, Reconcile, along with the up and coming St. Louis native and female story-telling emcee, Tina, on their list of artists. The most surprising member of the Full Ride team, however, is the widely-saluted, chart topping hook writer, singer, and rapper, Pastor AD3 (No Pain No Love, Goon, Copycat).

When speaking of the Full Ride Music Group name change, Thi’sl states:
“As I sat one day thinking about X-Hustler Music, I realized that the name of the label was fine for me, but it was growing much bigger. I looked around the room and saw all that God has done for me and all that I have received. I was like, “I’m like a college kid on a full ride.” Salvation, my talent to rap, and the other gifts I have were given to me freely. All I do is work hard out of gratitude for these gifts from God…and that’s what Full Ride Music Group is about. We’re hungry and we ride hard like the cats that play for a division one school in the fourth quarter.”

Full Ride Music Group supporters can look forward to hearing music that is a blend of what each artists brings to the table while also providing a sound that reflects the individuality of each artist. Full Ride Music Group seeks to give their artists the opportunity to make music that’s authentic to them as opposed to creating art that reflects the trends of current chart toppers. The belief is that when an artist is allowed to make high quality music that’s from the heart they become designers of timeless music that is inevitably game changing.

As far as the near future is concerned, Full Ride Music Group artists will be sharing the same stage together for the first time on Thi’sl’s showcase at SXSW in Austin, TX on March 17th. The record label is also preparing to release their first compilation album in the Summer 2012. Likewise, Reconcile releases a free album entitled Abandoned Hope on March 20th, and Pastor AD3 is set to have an EP available for purchase in the fall of 2012. As Full Ride Music Group moves forward it plans on making an impact in the industry by “playing like a team that’s masked as a label.”

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