Streetlights Vol. 1: Divine DNA

We give you Divine DNA.
Genesis 1-6
The entire Gospel of John
27 Chapters
2 Hours and 10 minutes
75 Tracks
Featuring 30 different voices from all across the country,
including Propaganda, Odd Thomas and Boogalu of ALERT.

And its scored by some of the finest hip hop producers of today:
Courtland Urbano, Theory Hazit, Odd Thomas, and moral ONE & Boogalu of ALERT.

Although packed with talent from the Humble Beast roster, Streetlights features over 25+ unsung & unheard vocal talent from Chicago, IL.

Download Streetlights Vol. 1: Divine DNA here. Warning, this is a very large file and will take longer than your average download – but it’s worth it.

Genesis 1: The Account of Creation
Genesis 2
Genesis 2: The Man and Woman in Eden
Genesis 3: The Man and Woman Sin
Genesis 3: Paradise Lost: God’s Judgement
Genesis 4: Cain and Abel
Genesis 4: The Descendants of Cain
Genesis 4: The Birth of Seth
Genesis 5: The Descendants of Adam
Genesis 6: A World Gone Wrong
John 1: Prologue: Christ, the Eternal Word
John 1: Jesus, the Lamb of God
John 1: The Testimony of John the Baptist
John 1: The First Disciples
John 2: The Wedding at Cana
John 2: Jesus Clears the Temple
John 2: Jesus and Nicodemus
John 3
John 3: John the Baptist Exalts Jesus
John 4: Jesus and the Samaritan Woman
John 4: Many Samaritans Believe
John 4: Jesus Heals an Official’s Son
John 5: Jesus Heals a Lame Man
John 5: Jesus Claims to Be the Son of God
John 5: Witnesses to Jesus
John 6: Jesus Feeds Five Thousand
John 6: Jesus Walks on Water
John 6: Jesus, the Bread of Life
John 6: Many Disciples Desert Jesus
John 7: Jesus and His Brothers
John 7: Jesus Teaches Openly at the Temple
John 7: Is Jesus the Messiah?
John 7: Jesus Promises Living Water
John 7: Division and Unbelief
John 8: A Woman Caught in Adultery
John 8: Jesus, the Light of the World
John 8: The Unbelieving People Warned
John 8: Jesus and Abraham
John 9: Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind
John 9: Spiritual Blindness
John 10: The Good Shepherd and His Sheep
John 10: Jesus Claims to Be the Son of God
John 11: The Raising of Lazarus
John 11: The Plot to Kill Jesus
John 12: Jesus Anointed at Bethany
John 12: Jesus’ Triumphant Entry
John 12: Jesus Predicts His Death
John 12: The Unbelief of the People
John 13: Jesus Washes His Disciples’ Feet
John 13: Jesus Predicts His Betrayal
John 13: Jesus Predicts Peter’s Denial
John 14: Jesus, the Way to the Father
John 14: Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit
John 15: Jesus, the True Vine
John 15: The World’s Hatred
John 16
John 16: The Work of the Holy Spirit
John 16: Sadness Will Be Turned to Joy
John 17: The Prayer of Jesus
John 18: Jesus is Betrayed and Arrested
John 18: Jesus at the High Priest’s House
John 18: Peter’s First Denial
John 18: The High Priest Questions Jesus
John 18: Peter’s Second and Third Denials
John 18: Jesus’ Trial before Pilate
John 19: Jesus Sentenced to Death
John 19: The Crucifixion
John 19: The Death of Jesus
John 19: The Burial of Jesus
John 20: The Resurrection
John 20: Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene
John 20: Jesus Appears to His Disciples
John 20: Jesus Appears to Thomas
John 20: Purpose of the Book
John 21: Epilogue: Jesus Appears to Seven Disciples

Artists: Genesis 1-6
John LaTorre
Sean Procter
Iris Shedd
Mark Anthony Gonzalez
John Erick Zayas

Artists: Gospel of John:
Boogalu of Alert
John Latorre
Odd Thomas
Aaron Lopez
Thad Nichols
Brandi Gant
Alisha Lopez
Frankie Rodriguez
AJ Alvarez
Ray Crespo
Leon Abbey
Melody Fabien
Danny Lopez
Catalina Bellizzi
Julius Santiago
Gaspar Rivera
Joey Silva
Esteban Abbey
Susana Lopez
Babatunde Oshinowo Jr.
Esteban Abbey
Jonathan Boyden
Nina Rodriguez

Moral One of Alert – John 2b, 3, 6a/b, 8, 9, 10, 18a, 21
Theory Hazit – Genesis 2, 4, 6 – John 2a, 11b, 14, 20
Odd Thomas – John 5
Boom Jones/Terse – John 12
Boogalu of Alert – John 1, 4, 7, 11a, 18b
Courtland Urbano – Genesis 1,3,5 – John 15, 16, 17
Gabe Lopez/Moral One – John 13
AJ Alvarez/Moral One – John 19

Chad Horton

Written by Chad Horton

Chad Horton has been in the music business since 2000 with a focus on digital distribution, streaming, playlisting, and social media marketing. Chad is currently a Partnership Producer at working with clients such as Blizzard Entertainment, Google Pixel, and more. Chad also owns and operates Originally from Northern California, Chad became a San Diego resident in 2004 where he currently resides with his wife and children.

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