*produced by C-Life

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Ain’t see Him with my own eyes but I know that He watching over everything That’s my reality Yes I’m certain that He will fulfill what He say, even If I die now Noone can take my faith (x4)

Verse 1:
I’ve never seen Him, but where I’m standing no can’t explain//All the things happening, giving me reason to proclaim//To them its plain, die to the flesh battle with it I gain//Lights turned on no I’ve never been the same//Finna be walking by faith, always at it in the ring//I’m growing now, world be spinning, but I ain’t losing this//Leaning on myself alone or will nah I’m choosing His//The proof of this, Christ be given that hope, yes I’ve choosen bliss//In life’s trials, when it ever gone end? Really push instead of abusing your wrists//It’s time for moving in, growing yo He prune my sin, give it back I never deserved life, it’s either that or be choosing what Im wanting on my own, na//Now believing in my heart that Christ rose and giving every minute fulfilling for what Im called//Keeping that in check yo I’m giving Him my all ah, what I be doing is all for the King

Hook (x2)

(I’ve been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.)

Verse 2:
Stead of livin for my self , I’ve been livin for the risen mission given by the king//Ain’t nobody seen, the way that He working in me, team, He do it in three, What it do ah//I be knowing that every second will count//By giving all that i got, the reason I need grace//And livin it all by the word that I keep safe, in my heart, all locked, in order keep faith//Ah, finna be gone from this earth that ain’t see, alone alone be,//With the One, surrender my life yo He//Got me wanting everything single thing Im ever gon need//like the air I breathe, get on my feet//living water really be giving my soul peace,//Even when im down, He’s all I’m wanting to meet yo all I’m knowing is Faith, He’s all that I gotta reach, I just tell em that

Hook (x2)