Applejaxx ‘Organic’ Album Cover & Tracklisting Revealed

Tracklisting for Applejaxx’s upcoming album entitled ‘Organic’, set to release March 6, 2012 on Fadacy Music.

1. Rise (feat. Je’kob & Mr. Coldstone)
2. Original
3. EyeCandy (feat. Ashleigh Nickole)
4. Detox (feat. Mackenzie)
5. Passion Fruit (feat. Trini)
6. Got Jesus (feat. Odetta)
7. Against The Odds (feat. Nia Kay)
8. Runnin’ (feat. Granger)
9. BlueBerry Slangin’
10. Live Fresh

Creative Design by: Je’kob of MCPHLY
Mixed by: Roy “Int’l Show” Studmire
Mastered by: Jared King
Production by: Tech Groove || Kajmir Royale(#2) || Epik(#7) || THX(#10)


Written by Rapzilla

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