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Young Joshua Forms New Group – Marathon

Young Joshua Forms New Group – Marathon

Marathon is a new crew of seasoned, independent East-Coast Hip Hop artists, comprised of Young Joshua from Philadelphia, Magellan from Harlem, Techniq from Syracuse and Supreme Glory from Queens. Championed by national recording artist Young Joshua, this collection of youthful, versatile rappers with a gritty and soulful edge is calling all people to join them in running the race of life as a marathon, as though eternity depends upon it. In this world of fast-money and fast-lifestyles, Marathon is encouraging their listeners to endure through the hardships and trials of everyday life with unshakeable faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, with an eye towards the incorruptible crown of salvation and eternal reward that is at stake.

Hovering under the surface of notoriety in the music industry, the four crew members have developed authentic relationships with one another over the past several years, as they released individual projects and performed in similar circles. The desire to link up collectively in order to create new ministry efforts and music was solidified by their common approach and character. Demonstrating humility and commercial talent, along with a desire to impact the streets and youth culture with the gospel, the emcees have teamed up to promote the message of Marathon.

As each member brings to the table personal experiences filled with struggle and challenge, along with a biblical understanding of the need to fight the good fight of faith, the music of Marathon is genuine, heart-felt and sincere. In this world of disaster, death and pain, Supreme Glory, Techniq, Magellan and Young Joshua are pointing to the Scriptures, reminding people that life is short, that every moment counts in the pages of eternity and that Jesus Christ can be trusted through it all for He holds the crown of everlasting life, joy and peace.


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