Temperamento – From Most Controversial Latin Rapper to Christian

At the age of 10 after the suicide of his father, Temperamento and his family moved to Providence, Rhode Island. In 1999, he began to write his own songs which were based the pain and suffering he had experienced in his life. In 2005, Temperamento met Caracas Nel, a Venezuelan from Providence who would eventually became his manager. With the use of internet forums and music web pages, Caracas Nel published Temperamento’s recordings. Without a record deal or funds, Temperamento’s music soon spread and appeared on many reggaeton and Latin hip hop mixtapes including those of DJ Moets and DJ Sincero, whom where the first to introduce his music to the mixtape world. DVD magazines such as La Manteca and Hustle Up Latino picked up on Temperamento and he was eventually featured on the cover of Perrealo’s “Unsigned Hype” Edition.

Producer SPK, the beatmaker of the track ‘Oye Mi Canto’ which opened reggaeton doors, reached out and gave Temperamento the chance to appear on his first album with Gemstar & Big Mato’s “Mas Pure” which featured artists like Tony Touch, N.O.R.E, and Carlos Santana. Soon after, Cuban rapper Don Dinero approached Tempermaneto in legendary venue, SOB’s and told him he was going to sign him. Don Dinero’s album ‘El Ultimo Guerrero’ featured a track with Temperamento titled “Mentira”. Temperamento’s biggest accomplishment previously was the participation of Immortal Technique’s ‘3rd World’ album in 2009 which hit stores worldwide.

Temperamento’s shift came with his arrest for armed robbery. The rapper was sentenced to 27 months in prison, a year and a half after committing the crime. “It was the biggest mistake of my life.” Temperamento told LatinRapper.com. “But at the same time, it made me into the man I am today.”

In 2010, one month before he began serving his prison sentence, the MC received an outpouring of online messages from fans. Temperamento recounts how there were “people telling me God told them he had a big plan for me, and I needed him now. It was such an impact to me that I sat back and started to reflect on my career, the things I said in songs.”

During that time, the rapper glanced at the cover of his CD entitled “El M.E.J.O.R.”, and came to a realization. Termperamento was depicted as a gold pharaoh on the album cover, and it was at that moment that he saw himself as a false idol. “The Devil wanted me to feel like I was el mejor, the best,” he explains. His attitude shifted from viewing himself as a king, to the belief that only God could be king.

Not long after his release from prison, Temperamento began work on his new video, “Abre Tu Corazon.” Directed by himself and LGB Productionz, the video signals the evolution of Temperamento from a self-described “Hardcore Hip Hop MC” to a positive role model. The beat was produced by Maestro el Ingeniero Musical, and was created through a collaboration with Jr el Exclusivo y El Teacher. Temperamento credits his conversion to Christianity as the inspiration for the song and video.

“Abre tu Corazon” is one single from Temperamento’s upcoming album entitled “Bajo Control,” which he states is a reflection of God’s control of his anger. In addition to working on his upcoming album, the Rican MC is also in talks for a possible documentary on his life, as well as involvement in several independent films. For the moment, Temperamento is placing an emphasis solely on Hip Hop, saying “my main focus right now is spreading God’s word through my music.”

You can view Temperamento’s new music video “Abre Tu Corazon” here.

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