Till the DJ’s Gone deals with mass media using radio as the point object. On the record JUMA talks about God being the “DJ” at the end of the song while the choruses throughout say, “Until the DJ’s gone turn the radio off”. In other words, if God’s the DJ than the “radio”, or negative impacting media, stays off in perpetuity. We Don’t Really Care picks up where Till the DJ’s Gone leaves off and somewhat goes at cultural phenomenon forwarded through media systems a little more directly.

JUMA’s hope is to start a conversation and heighten awareness around agenda setting – the communications theory that posits that media may not necessarily tell us what to think, but certainly what to think about – and its broader implications.

JUMA feels it is a valuable dialogue to have, especially for the church. It’s something that we definitely talk about in the body, but he is wanting to make a contribution that was a bit more sociopolitical and to inspire activism in accordance with our faith.