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J’Son Talks “Parent Me” Song/Film, Commends T.I. As A Father


On his third album, Lamp Mode recording artist J’Son addressed hood problems on his Christian Hip Hop community-acclaimed project, City Lights. On his new album Growing Pains, a Hip Hop version of The Psalms, the St. Louis, Missouri-area emcee addresses his own troubles.

J’Son recently spoke with HipHopDX about his new album, parenting, sexual abuse, his acting career, being raised by the streets, misconceptions about church and the personal challenges he’s faced over the last year.

HipHopDX: Tell me about the new album, Growing Pains.

J’son: Ah man, Growing Pains is actually my fourth album. It will be released February 21st. But if I’m honest, man, Growing Pains is more than an album. I feel like it’s my last year of life on record; if people were to trek with me and my journal, just the things I’ve been experiencing, me and my wife, over the course of the last year.

Every song on Growing Pains was written from a very personal place, either directly linked to me or directly linked to my wife. We moved from St. Louis to Iowa City. Upon moving to Iowa City, obviously we left everything we knew in St. Louis.

I don’t think we recognized how difficult that would be, to just be removed from everything. No friends, no real relationships, having to re-establish all of that. In light of that, certain sin, depression and frustration were present in our hearts, and we were having to deal with that.

Growing Pains is a reflection of that time. I would also say it’s much like a psalm. The Psalms deal with the grittiness of life and expressions of brokenness throughout The Psalms but in a very practical real way. It also presents those broken feelings to the Throne [of God].

I’m very excited about the project. I personally feel it’s my best work to date, and it’s a very mature project. It’s for a mature listener, people coming and listening with a mature ear. You can’t come to Growing Pains like, “Alright, when you going to talk to me?” “Growing Pains” is more so one of those projects you’ve got to ask yourself, “Have I experienced that? Have I ever felt like that? Have me and my wife ever been through that?” You have to look into a person’s life and then kind of draw out what you can to relate to their life.

Read the rest of the interview by Chris Lassiter here: http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news/id.18482/title.christian-emcee-json-talks-parent-me-song-film-commends-ti-as-a-father


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