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Bizzle & Willie Moore “P-Dub” Jr. to Release ‘Best Of Both Worlds: The Album’


Following the overwhelming success of their first mixtape “The Best of Both Worlds: Knowledge & Zeal,” Bizzle and Willie “P-Dub” Moore Jr’s. (formerly Pretty Willie) worlds are colliding once again as they prepare their fans for their debut collaborative ‘Best Of Both Worlds: The Album’ set to be released on February 7th.

Be on the lookout for the 1st single scheduled to drop January 24th, and the exclusive listening session right here on Rapzilla. Stay tuned for more info.

Exclusive Web Listening Sessions

As a way of introduction for some before the release of this collaborative album, we’re hosting exclusive listening sessions of both Bizzle and Willie “P-Dub” Moore Jr.’s debut solo projects below.

Willie “P-Dub” Moore Jr. ‘The Turning Point’

1. We Winning (feat. Bizzle)
2. We Need A Doc (Skit) (feat. Terrance Price)
3. Y.F.S. Remix (feat. D-M.A.U.B., Canton Jones & Bizzle)
4. Get There (feat. J.R.)
5. Swag A Lil Bit
6. Turning Point (Interlude) (feat. Bishop Coleman)
7. Find Rest (feat. Paul Greenlee)
8. I’m Prayin’
9. Mississippi Shine (feat. David Banner)
10. Angel (Skit) (feat. Cedric The Entertainer)
11. Angel
12. Do It Big (feat. Rikdikulous)
13. Feel Like Praising (feat. Dr. F. James Clark)
14. Still You Love Me
15. Dream On (feat. Bizzle & Pastor Blunt)
16. Sex & Compassion (Spoken Word) (feat. Robby Jerome)
17. Wait For The Ring

Bizzle ‘Tough Love & Parables’

1. Tough Love Intro
2. Long Time Comin
3. 15 Seconds
4. Stand Up
5. Better Way (feat. P-Dub)
6. God Over Money
7. Somebody
8. Don’t Throw It
9. I’m Tryina Go (feat. Mouthpi3ce)
10. Christ Reigns (feat. Bumps INF, Redd Lettaz, & P-Dub)
11. I’ll Holla (feat. Bumps INF)
12. Just Sayin
13. Liar
14. Forever
15. You Don’t Know
16. Regular People
17. This Ain’t Love (feat. Lavoisier & Sevin)
18. Gotta Seek Change (feat. Sevin)
19. Forgive Me (feat. Jin)


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