After listening to 195 remixes of “Full Court Mess” by PRo ft. KB we know every word to the song, discovered some really talented beat makers / remixers / producers, and some extremely bad one’s. After much debate all the way down to the wire, and appearing on all of our staff members top 5 picks, it has been decided that Tone Jonez is our pick for the winner of the PRo “Full Court Mess” Remix Contest! South Carolina native, and now Atlanta based producer Tone Jonez will now be adding an iPad2 to his electronics arsenal courtesy of Reach Records and Additionally, Tone will be getting the deluxe ‘Dying to Live’ package from Reach Records and the new logo t-shirt.

Thank you for all of the artists that took the time to create something, upload it, and share it! Congrats Tone, and Merry Christmas! You can follow Tone on Twitter at @OfficialTJonez You can purchase PRo’s album ‘Dying to Live’ on iTunes now.