Brinson – Christian faith-based MC has Tim Tebow song on

At some point we all knew it had to be coming. The infamous name drop. Either Drake, Wayne or others were going to be the first to put Tim Tebow in a verse and immortalize him more than he’s already immortalized himself. But the Christian faith-based MC known as Brinson (GodChaserz Entertainment) not only beat them to the sucker punch, he took it one further:An entire song, “Tebowin'” .

What made you conceptualize Tim Tebow in the form of a song?

“It was just his passion for the Lord. Not just the fact that he was winning alot of games and the fact that the Tebowin’ and the planking were taking off, it was the fact that every time he picked up a mic he had a shoutout to the Savior. And that’s the business I’m in, so it went hand-in-hand. He was just bold for the faith, and I appreciate that.”

The winning helped though?

“Oh yeah! But not only that it was the whole brother’s mindset toward the Lord. I’ve been following him since he was at Florida, I appreciated him then with the scriptures on his face. And he’s from around my area (Jacksonville, Fla.) anyway, so he’s hometown to me.”

Does it bother you that they have so many Tebow-haters?

“That don’t bother me. I got haters too. That’s not gonna stop. Faith with the Lord Jesus on the whole will never be accepted. People tolerate Tebow because he’s a winner, but there are people on their regular jobs who have strong beliefs in their faith and people are turned off by them. But I think alot of people that have been scared to exercise their faith in times past, I believe Tebow has given them a shot of adrenaline.”

If Tebow hadn’t had the winning streak, if he hadn’t of become one of the most compelling sports stories of the year, would you have still done a song?

“Somebody I believe would have raised up and done something like this eventually. It was only a matter of time before someone in sports rose up for the Lord. Not just in exercising their faith on the field but how they live, in the way that they do works for the world. So if Tebow hadn’t of done this and someone else would have come along and been the real deal like him, then I’d would have done a song about them too.”

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