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2012 – Christian Hip Hop’s Biggest Year?


We’re looking forward to 2012 and we think it will likely be Christian Hip Hop’s biggest year ever, in regards to sales.

Artists releasing albums that we are looking forward to, that we are guessing will release or that we got word will release include High Society ‘The Collective’ (1/1/12), Applejaxx ‘Organic’ (1/31/12), Rhema Soul ‘RED’ (2/28/12), Swoope ‘Wake Up’ (3/20/12), KJ-52 (March?), Flame (Spring or Summer 2012?) Trip Lee (Spring 2012?), J’Son (Sprin 2012), KB (6/?/12), Sho Baraka (Spring?), Suzy Rock ‘Vanity Suxx’, T-Bone ‘Return of the Bionic Man’ (Summer?), Jin (Summer?), Kareem Manuel ‘Until Forever’ (Summer), Lecrae (Fall or Winter 2012?), Japhia Life ‘Westside Pharmacy’, also Bizzle, Stephen the Levite, S.O., and Timothy Brindle.

If you have any others that you are excited about post them in the comments below (minus the shameless plugs).


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