Kas – I Live


Verse 1:
I’m a walking problem, my mental is a maze/
I try focusing on life, but I just sit here with this gaze/
Think about how I’m gone be made, and how I’m gone get paid/
Bruh, I done gave my life to this, so how come I feel so betrayed/
I mean, these Chevrolet’s and this money is all good/
But the price that came with this is like lions caged with wolves/
Money just change people, Nike’s turned into hooves/
Homies turned into animals, loyalty aint’ a rule/
But like why I’m still alive then? how did I survive this?/
And all this pain I feel right now like who do I confide in?/
I’ll kill myself right now if your love promise to revive/
My life, you did, and I am still alive/

I live, I live, I live/
Life/ x2

I learn to lose, I learn to win/
I turn my face against the wind/
I will move fast, I will move slow/
Take me where I have to go/

Verse 2:
I turn my face against the wind, learn to lose learn to win/
Took my focus off who I was, killed that man, now I live/
Da’ T.R.U.T.H. I’m alive, the Christ in me arise/
I don’t let my past bug me no more cause I got that pesticide/
My life has been a monster, but I clobber that thing with honor/
Through the Father, who give me the power to go and conquer/
I live life, it don’t live me/
They say I won’t win, but it will be/
(You will never break me down x4)


Written by Rapzilla

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