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Brass Knuckle Bullies ‘BKB’ Album Cover & Tracklisting


Bareknuckle Bullies is a group which consist of two artist, Customary & Dominique Berho

1. The Intrusion
2. The Statement
3. Somewhere Out There feat. Jael KDLV and Micah Gilday
4. Never
5. Walking The Road
6. Nothing Lasts
7. Mystery Lady
8. Drive feat. Amy Brittell
9. We Are Beautiful
10. Sinking Ship feat. Braille
11. Let The Music Play
12. It’s How We Roll
13. Understand feat. Desirae Bronson
14. The Proclamation
15. Fingerprints feat. Othello
16. Y’all Know The Name
17. Drive feat. Amy Brittell (Acoustic)
18. Never (Acoustic)

Set to release September 12th, 2011


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