1. Chaos and Pain (Produced by Wit)
2. Slavery and Pain (Produced by Wit)
3. Death Bed (Produced by Wes Pendleton)
4. Dull the Pain (Produced by Juice)
5. Pain for Profit ft. IV HisSon (Produced by Wit)
6. Orphan (Produced by Wes Pendleton)
7. Growing Pains (Produced by Doc Watson)
8. Everyday Pain ft. Alex Faith, Ec Holmes (Produced by Wit)
9. Eternal Pain (Produced by Wes Pendleton)
10. Prosperity and Pain (Produced by Lon Richardson)
11. Phill’s Pain (Produced by Wit)
12. Persecution and Pain ft. Gods Servant (Produced by John the Baptist)
13. Work and Pain (Produced by Wit)
14. Outro (Beautiful Music, No Song)

‘Chaos and Pain’ will be available September 13th on iTunes.

All the instrumentals and acappellas will be available upon request on twitter. Simply follow @deathbybillions and then shoot him a tweet with the following: “I want my instrumentals/acapellas!” and you will receive a link for download.