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PRo returns with his third studio album: ‘Dying To Live’. Reach Records cleverly sparked promotion for the album with a mini series. Followed by resurrecting the classic SEGA game: “Altered Beast” in the form of “Altered PRo.” The Promotional strategies add fuel to the much-anticipated Project. Dying to live conveys the message that life in Christ is life worth dying for.

PRo sparks the album with a spoken word explaining the condition of man. Then breaks into inspiring raps over the Wit & Joseph Prielozny Produced A Life Worth Dying For. PRo announces that he is “Blasting Off To Mars” on the futuristic PK Produced song Mission to Mars. Chosen as the first single, this futuristic song is a different vibe from PRo’s previous offerings. I actually enjoyed the adventure to Mars. Back to reality, PRo along with KB expressed that they are a Full Court Mess. The live hip-hop hybrid adds a new flavor for PRo produced by Marv4Mobeats and Prielozny. Loved the rap/sing split with a more aggressive flow saying that “I know there is nothing good inside me; my evil mind use to blind me.” KB’s feature is a nice blend while adding a dose of double-time raps. I personally enjoyed when he slowed the flow down so I could actually hear the lyrics and appreciate the creativeness. One of my favorite tracks on the album, Get It produced by PRo himself and is the first song I heard that made me amped for people to hear this project. PRo adds that some are “In the devil symphony/you Ray Charles blind but still playing with keys.” Punchline flow blends well with the Neptune-ish production. Everyone has dreams and ambitions but PRo reminds the listeners that Before I Die it’s important to let our “legacy be rooted in the cross.” The Dirty Rice produced song takes PRo into story mode connecting on various topics. I love the switch at this point of the album because PRo begins to dig by revealing his intentions of creating music. The background singers add a smooth flavor to this song making it one of the stand out tracks.

PRo explains that This Can’t Be life and further displays his storytelling ability. PRo provides a glimpse of particular instances saying “she get the money off the dresser/stay high just to deal with all the pressure.” With Jenny Norlin adding her addictive hook on the Tony Stone produced song, it provides the album with a soothing song and offers balance. Jai injects her culture shock energy by joining PRo in proclaiming that “what don’t kill me makes me” Stronger. PRo moves to the battle rap style with Merked Pt. 2 while letting the world know that he is Going In with Lecrae and Tedashii. Neither of these tracks were as strong as the previous cuts. Even though Lecrae and Tedashii provide awesome cameos, the song wasn’t the anthem I expected. PRo reverts back to story mode with So Far Gone with Niya adding lovely vocals. PRo details what it looks like to be gone. To help you understand his position PRo says, “Let me educate you boy if you don’t know what’s happening here/I’ve been riding in my lane ever since I let him steer.” Produced and guest appeared by Rio, No Limits articulates that Christ is in control. PRo aims to show women that they are Beautiful because they are made in His image. The content of this song is great, adding more diversity to his presentation. Suzy Rock brings her melodic singing vocals offering people to Drink From His Cup. PRo moves back into his aggressive style on this Tony Stone produced song. Continuing with this vibe PRo lets the world know that there is No One Greater. PRo speaks that idols, “Break out in precious jewels wearing it look something mean/But they cheap imitations they gone turn neck green.” Json and Trip Lee add fulfilling verses on the Cheesebeats produced anthem. Regardless of what’s in the world Thi’sl and S.O. add verses on the Big Juice produced song Never Back Down. PRo ends the album as he Get Buck with his RMG crew featuring Chad Jones, Brothatone & Canon.

The progression of PRo is evident through out the album. PRo tackled more content and doesn’t lean heavy on typical Christian rap songs. The songs are well connected to the ‘Dying To Live’ concept. The mood of the album maintained the same tempo through out the album. Due to the concept of the project I didn’t expect a lot of amped or uptempo party style songs. Some of the cuts could have been cut due to the similarity in content. The production and features were nearly great on this project. I especially enjoyed the songs produced by PRo and Prielsozny. Overall the album is a great grooving album. There are more story songs than anthem bangers. PRo does communicate the theme and after listening to the album you will walk away saying that we are all ‘Dying To Live.’

Release Date: August 23, 2011

Label: Reach Records

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1. A Life Worth Dying For
2. Mission To Mars feat. PK
3. Full Court Mess feat. KB
4. Get It
5. Before I Die
6. This Can’t Be feat. Jenny Norlin
7. Stronger feat. Jai
8. Merked Pt. 2
9. Going In feat. Lecrae, Tedashii
10. So Far Gone feat. Niya
11. No Limits feat. Rio
12. Beautiful feat. PK
13. Drink From His Cup ft. Suzy Rock
14. No One Greater feat. Json, Trip Lee
15. Never Back Down feat. S.O. & Thi’sl
16. Bonus Track: Get Buck feat. Chad Jones, Brothatone, & Canon (RMG)