K-Drama “Get Your Weight Up (Remix)” feat. KamBINO, Kadence, Phanatik, Dice Gamble, Kaleb Starr & Chris T. of Level 3:16

LYRICS – “Get Your Weight Up Remix”


I’ve gotta get stronger/Bullets whizzing past so it’s time to add bulletproof plates to the armor/Meditate longer…the odd man out but gotta segregate farther – assimilation will harm ya/ The game gets confusing when the snake is the charmer/So….I tell my spotter add more weight to the bar sir/My biceps bulge….make the pecs pop/Endure the pain until my trainer makes the reps stop

Resist sin, resist sin, that’s a constant repetition/Quitting is not an option run the race until it’s finished/(Hold up)Wait minute I just had an epiphany/I can’t get my weight up if I don’t have no consistency/I’ll let you have that tip for free, I hope you won’t ignore it/Sin separates from God like the phone jack on a cordless/Call me Spongebob cause the scripture I absorb it/Now I can Air Jordan… All out of your orbit.

HOOK Get Your Weight Up (4x) You can do it (4x)


For a long time I been on a workout bench/ I been working out since I was birthed outta sin/ I ain’t work outta sin cause if that would of worked instead of worshiping God I’d be worshiping strength/ I know it ain’t worthwhile since that’ll never work out plus the Word is shoutin/ Philippians 2: 12 & 13 I can only workout what God works in/ (slow it down) For every struggle I’m growing another muscle I know I tussle with more than just the flesh it’s the double threat of the world plus devil by faith I’m going to another level as long as God’s my gym.

Dice Gamble
The devil is a liar, Im not tired, I am just getting started/I done drank my shake, done doubled my weight, incline pushin that bar kid/Not mad at dumbells I squat, press, shrug fly curl row them/If they need a spotter at the altar my muscle will hold them/See all Gods weights are free for you to build you muscle/Get in shape for The race, not for demonic tussle/Make heaven your goal, get your fate up, that Word inflate up/Cleanse out what you ate up, straight up, put your plate up, get your weight up

Kaleb Starr
(Listen) I ain’t of this world fam, shout out to Pluto/But I got my weight up, Cincinnati sumo/On my Romans 12, that’s the least that I can do so/Worship my life, I call it the Hallelujah show/And put the message in my rap like bazooka joe/That’s a fact of life, Drama this my Tootie flow/I said yes shekinah, i ain’t who they used to know/Gun and a mic but had to let one of them tools go



Chris T. of Level 3:16
What up bro? You lookin’ slim/Better get that weight up, weight up, Hit that Gym/You been on that scrawny tip for too long/Sittin’ in front of that TV tryna be holy, frontin’ like you strong!/Boy whatchu’ on? Better hop up off that futon/Get up in the word like Microsoft cause that war goes on when them lights go off/And when the mic goes off, does your light go off?/If so, better flip that switch we fit get behind that cross.

I wanna grow stronger, wanna go longer/I don’t wanna be half and half like an Arnold Palmer/I want great faith, I want to endure/The Lord is so good, that’s why I want more/That’s why I’m always on the bench, like I’m 3rd string/While others stay on Twitter, I call em bird kings/The Cross is the bar, sin is the weight/I press out of love, let’s go beyond grace.



Written by Rapzilla

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