Annual Surprise Ad Sale

It’s been quite a while since we’ve done an ad sale! It’s tough to do a sale on ads that are already priced at a sale price. But we thought we’d help out those artists that may not be able to afford our ad rates since they spent the money on their latest outfit so they can be swagged out. We also thought we’d help out those artists that are truly spending their money on other things that are more important than marketing their music. So we are starting our first Annual Surprise Ad Sale. Once a year we will surprise you with this sale! There is a limited number so make sure you buy now!

Buzz Maker Package – limited sale only 10 available
$150 $75

· 1 MP3 BLAST: get your MP3 downloaded (or streamed) by thousands, gets featured on Rapzilla, on the Rapzilla iPhone app with a buy button to iTunes and the Rapzilla Android app, social promo (Twitter and Facebook).

Feature Videolimited sale only 10 available
$400 $200

Your video will be featured on our home page. We will also feature your video on our partner site, blast to the video to our Twitter, Facebook, and iPhone and Android apps.

Spotlight Video limited sale only 10 available
$200 $100

displayed on every page on the site, added to but not featured, blast to twitter and facebook, and iPhone & Android apps.

Banners 50% off sale ends in 8/22
$5.00 $2.5 CPM (cost per 1000 impressions)

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