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Skrip ‘Becoming All Things’ Album Details Revealed


In 1991 at the age of four, Skrip already began mumbling words mimicking Latino pioneers of Jesus rap; Dallas rapper D-boy (R.I.P) along with J.C & the boyz (1989). In 1999, at the age of twelve, Skrip sequenced his first hip-hop instrumental track using the 12 string guitar as a main melody and later that year opened up for California native T-Bone aka “Boney Soprano”. From that time, with growth, maturity and hard work; we come to the release of his debut album “Becoming All Things” 7/31/11, following his free mixtape “The Und_rscore“, released on 5/23/11. Skrip’s freshmen project takes the listener to the foot of the door on Skrip’s creative process and musical journey for years to come.

Each track on “Becoming All Things” pumps various messages through the ears of the listener with an overarching theme. Throughout the album, the immense versatility displayed with the first track alone is a promising outlook; with the rest of the songs, make it a solid record. Skrip directs his focus to the hearer with tracks like ShowStar, What If, and Nonsense which challenge listeners in light of death and eternity. With other tracks like “Dance like” and “Sleep over” the catchiness of the hooks alone beckon attention. It’s proof that meaningful songwriting can be displayed in the midst of catchiness.

Some may misjudge Skrip’s disassociation with the genre “Christian rap” while others may disagree with his approach or fan base but “Becoming All Things to all men..” is priority. Lives are at stake and music is power. Skrip chooses to utilize his gifts while making an impact on the hearts of audiences worldwide, with no discrimination that he “might save some”.

“Every subject that he talks about is something that’s really relevant in someone’s life-or something that some girl went through or somebody is going through or what someone is thinking or what someone even doubts about. I think he really came through with that and it just reflects on this record and that’s what makes it really, really special.”-Joey Fernandez (Lupe Fiasco, Patti Labelle, Smokie Norful, Dave Hollister)

“Becoming All Things” is just the beginning for Chicago native Skrip. You can catch more of Skrip in the upcoming film “Dreams” directed by Joel Kapity, starring Jazsmin Lewis, Mel Jackson, J’son, Angie Stone and more.

1. Becoming all things (Intro)
2. Stand out
3. Big mouth
4. A You
5. Can’t Do a Thing
6. Show Star featuring Flynn Adam
7. Dance like
8. Sleepover
9. Dear Killer
10. Interlude
11. What If
12. Nonsense
13. The Unseen
14. Fugitives featuring Lo-Low, Radio Roman, L.T
15. Name Change
16. The Call featuring Abe Romo (Lightswitch band)

All songs produced by Skrip


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