Listen to Viktory’s new album ‘Birth Of A Legacy’ with Viktory giving an explanation for each song before it plays. For 48 hours the album is available exclusively on iTunes for $7.99 here.

1. Intro
2. War Cry
3. Keep Up (feat. DMaub)
4. Go
5. Fly Away (feat. Andrea Brown)
6. Stadium Status
7. All I Need (feat. Marvin Winans Jr.)
8. Tickin Away (feat. Wu10 & Kathleen Carnali)
9. Cant Be Stopped (feat. T. Haddy & 4Ever)
10. Ima Get It
11. On Fire 2.0 (feat. Andrew Fry)
12. Grindin
13. My Life (feat. PastorAD3)
14. Never Look Away (feat. Cheno Lyfe & Vice Vrsa)
15. One Day (feat. Kathleen Carnali)
16. What It All Means