KamBINO To Release ‘The Decision’

National recording artist KamBINO is set to release his first project since the unveiling of his debut album “Reach” (available on iTunes) in January 2010. While he kept plenty busy over the past year plus lending his signature sound and gut wrenching punch-lines to several notable collaborations, the MC who still feels he’s got a lot to prove is excited to give the people what they’ve been waiting for; new KamBINO music. The first leak from the project “Y(B)onkers” will be released as a present to the masses on Kam’s birthday July 6, 2011.

The mixtape entitled “The Decision” (slated to release August 2, 2011 as a free download) will walk the listener through various examples of how a single decision can impact the rest of your life. Throughout the release, KamBINO touches on various personal experiences ranging from his decision to follow Christ to his decision to part ways with his long-time label home SlingShot Media Group. “I got so many questions regarding the whole SlingShot situation and what that meant for me going forward, I felt it was one decision that definitely needed to be touched on” Kam says. “But don’t worry – you won’t find ‘beef records’ or anything like that since…well…there’s no beef (lol). I think the listeners wants what I’ve always tried to give them in my music – a Kingdom message coupled with unadulterated realness. They’ll definitely get a heavy dose of both with this mixtape.”

Since Kam has not made the decision to sign with another label at this point, he’s focusing his efforts on putting out quality music while waiting to hear from God what move to make next. “I’ve got a couple things on the table I’m not at liberty to discuss just yet but…just know there’s some incredible music being made and this mixtape is just the tip of the iceberg. I know the saying goes ‘out of sight, out of mind’, but if my absence made you start sleeping on me – you ‘bout to wake up….abruptly.”

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