K-Drama & Friends Starting a New Church

“I am extremely thrilled to tell you about the new plant that I am involved with. It’s called The Flow Christian Church and I will serve as the Assistant Director & many other rolls. Recently, we’ve been donated a building (look above) and are looking forward to advancing the kingdom internally & externally!

So, The Flow Christian Church; what an odd name for a church, huh? In the inner city, the word “flow” is a term used to describe someone in an artistic groove or zone. Someone in “a flow” is in sync with his/her chosen artistic expression. Some urban artistic expressions include rapping, deejaying, dancing, producing videos, designing and painting, just to name a few popular types. In general, creativity is highly valued among many inner city youth.

What we have decided to do is tap into this value and integrate it into a church. We desire to utilize these artistic expressions as the main outreach strategy in order to develop relationships with inner city youth and young adults. Our hope is that these interactions with the arts will produce authentic relationships that, in turn, will result in the growth of a fellowship of believers, The Flow Christian Church, in inner city Cincinnati.

What is our foundation for this philosophy? At the heart, we believe that our God is a creative God. He is the God that created the entire universe by the power of His command. Even more, He created His masterpiece, humanity, and gave them His very own image. Being made in God’s image is a magnificent gift and responsibility. We want to express this gift and live that responsibility here in East Price Hill.

Below is a list of Rhythms that The Flow’s community will expect to live by:

LOVE – Above all, love is the best response to a hurting world

FELLOWSHIP – Being together often is important for not only Christians but all people

CREATIVITY – Expressing our creative abilities is an act of worship in itself

GIVE & TAKE – It is important to learn how to both give and to take in relationships

CONVERSATION – Everybody has a voice to express their thoughts about God and life

The Flow’s most fundamental Doctrinal Belief is that we believe that the Old and New Testament produce God’s inspired message for us. This message and expectations for behavior are interpreted literally and faithfully for the salvation and spiritual development of The Flow’s people.” – K-Drama


Written by Steven

Steven is Christian Hip-Hop's Wizard of Oz, breaking more unsigned talent than anyone you know.

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