1. Tough Love Intro
2. Long Time Comin (Produced By Beanz N Kornbread)
3. 15 Seconds (Produced By Viktory)
4. Stand Up (Produced By Arsenix The High Standard)
5. Better Way Feat. P-Dub Aka Willie Moore Jr. (Produced By Beanz N Kornbread)
6. God Over Money (Produced By Dilemma)
7. Somebody (Produced By Arsenix The High Standard)
8. Don’t Throw it (Produced By OQ)
9. I’m Tryina Go Feat. Mouthpi3ce (Produced By Beanz N Kornbread)
10. Christ Reigns Feat. Bumps INF, Redd Lettaz, and P-Dub (Produced By Vybe Beatz)
11. I’ll Holla Feat. Bumps INF (Produced By Symphony)
12. Just Sayin (Produced By Vybe Beatz)
13. Liar (Produced By AD)
14. Forever (Produced By Arsenix The High Standard)
15. You Don’t Know (Produced By Quason Arnold)
16. Regular People (Produced By Vybe Beatz)
17. This Ain’t Love Feat. Lavoisier & Sevin (Produced By Galen Enlow)
18. Gotta Seek Change Feat. Sevin (Produced By Beanz N Kornbread)
19. Forgive Me Feat. Jin (Produced By Boi-1da)