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Tedashii returns with his third album: Blacklight. His previous project, Identity Crisis focused on our identity in Christ. Blacklight encourages the listener to live with the end in mind.

To spark the album properly Tedashii smashes with his PRo produced single: Riot. Great way to start an album, creative production mixed with lyrics such as: “Danger cause sin is a monster/PRo said fight cause sin it’ll harm ya/So that’s what I do until I hear the bell ring/Start another riot that’s an everyday thing!” As soon as I heard this track I immediately thought that Tedashii is now moving into a new sound. He follows this song with an Alex Media and Joseph Prielozny produced: Rock A Bye Baby. Over guitar riffs and a soulful organ, T.Dot explains why he is out on a mission, to reach those that are drowned in the city lights. “Don’t Get Confused Baby” because Tedashii explains that he Need It Daily. The album picks up with this GeeDa produced banger. Tedashii and PRo trade hot verses articulating that we need the Gospel daily. The mellow aggressive flow fits perfectly on Can’t Get With You. This introspective song communicates why he is done with the old with lines like, “Resident evil had to find a home/I had to let you down and leave you alone” When we are with Christ forever, That Will Be The Day. The Cheesebeats produced groove featuring Jenny Norlin is a beautiful song reminding us that everyday we celebrate with heaven on our mind. I relate with the song because “I’m from a different world Dwayne Wayne you remember/I even flip my glasses no bartender.” This song starts a series of slow jams such as This Is The Life featuring Sho Baraka and L2. Loved Sho Baraka’s verse on this song. Everything that Sho Baraka wants to do with reaching a broader audience Tedashii is proving on this album. Tedashii moves into speaking about life experiences of individuals dealing with loved ones traveling overseas hoping that it’s not their Last Goodbye. The Benjah and Sky produced track is a sobering song featuring hearfelt lyrics over percussions and pianos. I would have loved to hear more from Ron Kenoly Jr outside of his background vocals.

T.Dot returns with Flame and Jai reminding believers that He Lives. With assistance from Thi’sl, the Street Symphony produced Go Until I’m Gone is a perfect anthem if you need help putting in work spreading the Gospel. When you feel low he reminds you to Get Up. Lampmode recording artist SO is featured on this Cheesebeats produced banger. Then the album turns back to the mid-tempo songs with the open mic feel of Burn This House Down and Finally. The DJ Official & Joseph Prielozny produced song featuring Shane and Shane is one that gains constant replay. The theme concentrates on our home in heaven while encouraging the body to continue doing the work of the Lord while on earth. You Know What It Is featuring KB was a song that didn’t grab me as I listened. However, Dum Dum featuring Lecrae quickly brought me back into the Blacklight zone. This is arguably the best song on the album. The two explain that even if “they don’t know about us” and “think we are dum” its all good because we like being misfits. To end the album Tedashii takes us in Reverse with C-Lite and Bravo with J. Paul always love to hear C-Lite on songs even though he reminds me of Drake, his hooks are catchy!! J. Paul on Bravo ends the album right!!

Blacklight is Tedashii’s best album to date. As a Blacklight unveils items in the dark, Tedashii reveals more about himself. There is a connection being made here that you didn’t really sense with the previous albums. There are more songs about life with biblical application then songs with theological themes without practical presentation. In fact because of this diversity the project has commercial appeal and longevity. There were several songs that didn’t grab me as others while a couple of the mid tempo songs could have been left off to add balance to the flow of the project. The placement of the songs at times felt like it gave a zig zag effect. However the positives overshadowed the negatives. With production from PRo, GeeDA, Cheesebeats, PK, Benjah, Sky, Street Symphony, Alex Medina, Joseph Prielozny, DJ Official and DFREE the sonic progression adds depth to the project. Reach Records seem to be moving into a more balanced approached with their music. I personally appreciate Tedashii moving into a more progressive focus with his new material. Tedashii proclaimed the Gospel but overall delivered good music with Blacklight.

Release Date: May 31, 2011

Label: Reach Records

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1. Riot
2. Rock a Bye Baby
3. Need It Daily feat. PRo
4. Can’t Get With You
5. That Will Be The Day feat. Jenny Norlin
6. This Is The Life feat. Sho Baraka and L2
7. Last Goodbye feat. Benjah
8. He Lives feat. Flame and Jai
9. Go Until I’m Gone feat. Thi’sl
10. Get Up feat. S.O.
11. Burn This House Down
12. Finally feat. Shane and Shane
13. You Know What It Is feat. KB and PK
14. Dum Dum feat. Lecrae
15. Reverse feat. C-Lite
16. Bravo feat. J-Paul

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Written by Chad Horton

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