CMR’s Generation Tour – with Level 3:16, K-Drama, Phanatik, Young Joshua, Tonic, Tru-Life & Special Guests

“To what shall I compare this generation” (Matt 11:16) CMR is celebrating 15 years using the music industry as a “Roman road” for disseminating the Gospel. Having been a ministry leader responsible for helping to facilitate a spiritual and cultural movement over the last decade plus, CMR has brought the world some of urban music’s highest caliber of ministers (The Cross Movement, Da Truth, Flame, J.R., Lecrae & Reach Records, Michelle Bonilla & Rock Soul Entertainment, Everyday Process, R-Swift, Shachah, The Ambassador, Phanatik, Tru-Life, and John Wells-The Tonic). Our industry accolades range from multiple Grammy nominations, numerous Dove Award (Gospel Music Association) nominations and several Stellar Award winners and nominations. More importantly CMR has been keenly focused on how its efforts will be rewarded in heaven where tribute really means something.

CMR /Issachar Media is excited to announce that it is giving platform to a new set of music and media ministries intent on carrying forward the next phase of the movement through the Generation Tour. One of the distinct things about the Generation Tour is that it deliberately looks to give the full scope of God’s council by pairing those called to reach the past to the current generation, with those called to reach the current generation to the future generations. Although the summer is almost upon us, we feel uniquely led to attempt this summer tour that will run throughout the U.S. from July 14 – August 23rd, 2011. This tour is being carefully staged and specifically designed to be able to offer a variety of musical styles, as well as a plethora of ministry options.

Read more about The Music and The Ministry: Issues of this Generation here.

Cities & Dates CMR is Targeting
Between July 14th & July 31st
Philadelphia, PA
Baltimore, MD
Washington, DC
New York City, NY
Norfolk, VA
Richmond, VA
Raleigh/Durham, NC
Atlanta, GA
Orlando, FL
Miami, FL
Jacksonville, FL
St. Louis, MO
Kansas City, KS
Chicago, IL
Indianapolis, IN
Detroit, MI
Cleveland/Akron, OH
Cincinnati, OH
Pittsburgh, PA

Between August 10th & August 23rd
Memphis, TN
Dallas, TX
Houston, TX
San Antonio, TX
Denver, CO
Albuquerque, NM
Phoenix, AZ
San Diego, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Oakland, CA
Seattle, WA


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