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GodChaserz Newest Artist Cstraight

GodChaserz Newest Artist Cstraight

GodChaserz Entertainment’s newest artist, Cstraight, has been hard at work on his debut album, for over a year. ‘So Not Cool’ is set to release on 4/26/11 and was originally planned to be an album release only. Now it is available only at GodChaserz.com as an album & DVD combo. ‘So Not Cool’ is based on 1 John 5:12 (Amplified Bible) ‘He who possesses the Son has that life; he who does not possess the Son of God does not have that life’ and Deut. 14: 2-3. This debut album has hard hitting production from Juice2020, Tony Stone, Mpax production, C-Life (Dont Rap No More), Rik Reed, Brinson, and Aye Dey FoThosand. Also, features from Von Won, Brinson, ReadyWriter, Knine, Disciple, and new comers Eric Dayz (FL) and Ox The Servant (NJ).

According to the label, Cstraight, recently relocated to Little Rock Ark and recorded new songs for ReadyWriter’s new album and Dat’s Gospel Mixx 3 in the last several months.

Track listing
1. God 1st-ness
2. Your the Star
3. Wake Up / M.Y.F featuring Ox Da Servant, Eric Dayz
4. Unbelievable featuring Von Won
5. Nothing In Particular Featuring Knine
6. Not An Option Featuring Brinson
7. So Not Cool
8. 3 Words
9. Betta Than A Millionaire
10. I Chase
11. Sucker Free Featuring ReadyWriter, Disciple (D.I.)
12. Coals of Fiyah FreeStyle *Bonus Track*


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