UK Rapper, Jahaziel, performs at BET & Trey Songz Charity Event

Gospel Rapper Jahaziel performed alongside RnB superstar Trey Songz at an event hosted by BET International as part of their ‘Global Good’ campaign. Jahaziel performed alongside Mizz Camara, and Poet Dean Atta, as Trey Songz had a Q and A session with the youth in attendance.

Jahaziel was invited to attend the event with a host of celebrities including the Mayor of London. The event was also attended by youth including young offenders, and youth workers from all over London. The event was held at City Hall in Central London.

BET International have partnered with The Damiola Taylor Trust to help inspire, engage and motivate the youth in London. This was the first of many high profile events that will be hosted by the TV network in conjunction with The Damiola Taylor Trust.

Jahaziel performed his song ‘In My Neighbourhood’ which was very well received and will be used as part of BET’s ‘Global Good’ and ‘We Are Family’ on air campaigns.

Jahaziel is currently working on his new album which will be released Summer 2011, he will also be part of ‘The United Nations’ World Tour with Dwayne Tryumf, E Tizz, New D Crew, S.O. and other supporting artists also scheduled for Summer 2011. His Mixtape entitled ‘Still Livin’’ will be released as FREE Download in March.


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