Still Trill Christians Recognized By President Obama For Their ‘No Sex’ Youth Effort

No Sex isn’t an off-the-cuff statement, its a hit song. Made up by the Houston based Hip Hop group Still Trill Christians, the song has become an Internet sensation after their performance on BET’s “106 & Park” show. The song inspires teens to have fun and live their lives to the fullest without the pressures of sex.

The group members were recently honored by President Obama’s “Call to Service” award and medal for their continued support of the country’s youth. Made up of JT (Joshua Dillard, 23), ACE (Antawan Moore, 24), Prince AJ (Albert McQueen, 20) and Erupt (Elwyn Dillard, 24), they are all ministers and formed the group at their church home In Christ Ministries in Humble,Texas. Since turning their lives over to God and making music free of profanity, they have been tearing up shows and keeping audiences on their feet, from the pulpit to the streets in the projects. They currently travel all across the US bringing their brand of faith and Hip Hop music.

The group recently signed with positive music promoter Rick Hendrix of the Rick Hendrix Company, a company that currently works Jennifer Hudson, Whitney Houston, U2 and Aretha Franklin. “I am so excited about these guys, they bring a new vibe to Hip Hop, the church, street, back porch and front porch,” stated Rick Hendrix.

Still Trill is quickly gaining on the iTunes and Amazon music charts and currently turning music directors heads in large market radio. “The church is in us but we’re taking it beyond the church,” explains JT. “Jesus wasn’t in the church; He was in the streets spreading the ministry. And that’s what we intend to.” Music fans need to keep an eye out for Still Trill Christians or visit them at


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