We Holy Records “Flag-Ship” artist Gideonz Army is releasing their debut album ‘On Ten’, which features the street buzzing singles “On Ten” and “Go Win.”

Gideonz Army has taken the message of Christ, through their single “Go Win”, into arena’s most people would frown upon. Although considered unorthodox, Gideonz Army ministered the gospel in many clubs in the Atlanta area and South East region, filled with hungry souls captivated by the message in the music. “Man, this is the kind of music that will change lives! For real!” said Atlanta recording artist K-You. Night after night, the ministry and performance energy of Gideonz Army seized the minds and hearts of the listeners causing them to examine their lives and the future decisions they’ll make.

“This is the first gospel music I’ve heard that can transcend to both arenas and be great! This is the best way I’ve ever heard anyone minister the gospel, hands down! Ya feel me?!” DJ Redd Dredd Atlanta Hot 107.9

“G.A. is setting the bar stupid high with this positive music” DJ Ace of Top Dawg DJ’s Owner of The Gate Night Club.

“I’ve never heard Gospel music like this!! Ever!! I can relate to this music and see stuff about myself in their lyrics. This music speaks to us.” Atlanta recording artist Perfect of “Brown Paper Bag Gang”

Due to their standout performance, Gideonz Army was selected to have their single “Go Win” played on Atlanta’s top hip-hop station Hot 107.9.

The album release of ‘On Ten’ is April 5, 2011 on iTunes, CDBaby, and Amazon.com.