Spoken Announces His Newest Project, ‘Bright Days, Dark Nights’

Role Model Records Artist, Spoken, gears up to release his newest project, ‘Bright Days, Dark Nights’, on April 26th 2011. “A lot has happened since “Up By 13: The Mixtape”. I knew what I wanted to happen, but I also understand that God in His sovereign will, may not agree and consequently not always give me what I think I need or want. With that in mind, I released Up By 13 having no idea what would happen. As far as I was concerned, it was just another drop in an ocean of music. Although I’m confident I’ve been blessed with a gift, as a young kid coming out of the Maple Leaf (Canada), I frankly didn’t know if I would measure up beside the amazing artists of today, putting out God-glorifying, and professional quality music. So I was pleasantly surprised when in such a short time, the Lord took me places I never imagined.

From sharing the stage with 3H’s most prominent figures on multiple occasions, to travelling and performing at concerts (in US & Canada) and ultimately wrapping up 2010 with a #29 position on acclaimed DJ, DJ Wadeo’s Top 20 songs of 2010-all were a shock to me. So thank you to all the supporters, friends and well-wishers. I am now excited to announce my next upcoming project (another mixtape), ‘Bright Days, Dark Nights.’

It’s interesting that while 2010 was extremely bright in terms of music and ministry, all the success and joy was (and still is) juxtaposed against a lot of personal turmoil and pain. In the past year I’ve experience pain in my spiritual life, in my friendships, in my family, and just about every area of life most sensitive to a person. Truth be told, I know I’m no different from anybody else.

God in His infinite wisdom has designed life such that often, our most joyous moments are painted on painful, tear-stained canvases. God knows that much like joy, pain is very necessary for our sanctification. This project centres on that theme. Songs celebrate salvation, redemption, encourage perseverance and unapologetically proclaim allegiance to Jesus Christ. Equally they agonize over sin & temptation, the pain of broken relationships, and ultimately the lack of real comfort in this world. However, the story doesn’t end there. The more melancholy songs provide resolution in the cross of Christ. Broken relationships are fixed when all the parties involved eliminate pride and pursue sanctification in Jesus. Temptation is overcome by pleading for pure grace and daily remembering our weakness and desperate need for Jesus. Media, Education, Government etc provide no real solutions. Real solutions and grace to cope in situations with no solutions are only found in Jesus.

Along with joy and blessings, Jesus also promised us trouble in this world (John 16:33). He promised us Bright Days and Dark Nights. My goal with this project is both to celebrate the Bright Days, and honestly empathize with the Dark Nights, ultimately reminding all of us that this is God’s plan for sanctification. Celebrate your Bright Days in Jesus and take comfort in your Dark Nights in Jesus. After all, remember He said He’s ever-present in both (Hebrews 13:5).” – Spoken


Written by Rapzilla

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