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KamB.I.N.O is an artist that has been flying under the radar for the last couple of years, grabbing a feature here, dropping a hot 16 there. It was not until this past year that a wide-range of ears and eyes began watching the big man from Columbus, Ohio. He released a series of mixtapes leading up to his debut album, these served as lyrical appetizers wetting the palates of hungry listeners. When ‘R.E.A.C.H.’ finally arrived it surpassed expectations proving KamB.I.N.O.’s depth goes much deeper than a few hard-hitting punch-lines. On the mic KamB.I.N.O puts it all out there: his past, his struggles, and his hope. In his music he prides himself on communicating in a way that Christians and non-Christians alike can relate to. In 2011 expect to hear many more memorable rhymes from the lyrical heavyweight.

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