We’ll be dropping one freshman per day over the next 11 days to highlight our picks for the top 11 freshman to look out for in 2011. To qualify, the artist can’t have more than one official release.

S.O. – follow S.O. @sothekid
Coming from the other side of the pond is a Nigerian born London based emcee named S.O. Our writer, Steven Patton recently took a bit of flak about his comment “I don’t NEED my rap to be a lyrical version of the 5 solas” recently. He still feels that way, but if he gets it, he wants it the way S.O. did it. His “5 Solas” mixtape is an absolute gem. While the subject matter itself sounds like classic revisited themes of 116/Reach Records of old, his approach, superb ability and sick lyricism gives them fresh new life as if you’ve never heard anyone rap about that before. This guy is not “good, if you like UK hip-hop”, this guy is flat out dope. If the Christian Hip Hop scene were to replicate a British invasion, then S.O. would be its “Beetles.” Keep a close eye out for this emcee in 2011 and if you haven’t downloaded his 5 Solas Mixtape, go do it now. You don’t need all of your rap to be like this, but you need this one. You may have also heard of S.O. on Rapzilla in 2010 from his remix of Sho Baraka’s single “Word”. He got quite the response and a lot of plays/downloads. Here is S.O.’s remix of “Word”. Feel free to download it as well. You maybe have caught our video interview with him or the video of him spittin’ a verse. We suggest watching those as well.

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Steven Patton
Philip Rood