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Originality is often imitated but never truly duplicated. Today’s Freshman of 2011, Jai, is the true embodiment of this principle. Ever since the St. Louis native hit the scene in 2008 with her unforgettable admonishment to “Live Free” on Lecrae’s Rebel, Jai has been catching ears and creating clones wherever she is heard. However, this former Mary Mary backup singer is too much of a chameleon to ever be completely copied. One moment she is doing more shouting than singing and the next moment she is belting bold ballads about the triumphant return of Christ on Trip’s “Invasion.” Jai is one of the few artists whose sound is unique, diverse, and immediately distinguishable all at the same time. This past year listeners were given a sample of what is in store for listeners in the near future with her ‘Focus’ EP and her electrifying single “Incredible” ft. Thi’sl. In 2011 expect Jai’s trademark sound on your favorite Christian rapper’s next album, as well as the possible release of her debut full-length album.

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