Grammy winner for Best Gospel Rock/Rap album went to Switchfoot ‘Hello Hurricane‘. Lecrae ‘Rehab’ was nominated, he didn’t take home the win but he wrote a blog about his grammy week goals, which are more missionary than elbow rubbing. Also stay tuned for the Dove Awards nominations this week.

Lecrae’s blog from
I’m in LA. I’m 2 inches away from some of Americas most popular entertainers. I’m walking around during Grammy week amongst tons of people who deeply desire to be accepted. I’m in a world where people want to be embraced by society and those they think are more important or significant than themselves.

It’s quite sad, but what’s sadder is that there are few Christians amongst them who are fighting to serve them and help them see where our true significance is found. In Christ.

I didn’t come to take home a Grammy. If I’m honest I really doubt I will. I came to take home relationships with people who seem untouchable and who are addicted to the praise of men. I’m came to strategically place myself among them, to love them, to share hard truths with them and serve them.

Pray for my time here. The awards and stats are great, but they not only point to Gods faithfulness they are things this industry esteems. God has used them thus far to place me in new worlds with heart piercing, darkness shattering truth.

There’s more I’d like to share and I will when I return. Until then pray for ya boy.