CMR’s “Love Collection” – 14 Songs to Reflect on God’s True Love


The Love Collection contains 14 love songs from Cross Movement Records albums starting with the newest, Level 3:16’s “Self-Titled”, to the first, The Cross Movement’s “Heaven’s Mentality”. This collection also features songs from Young Joshua, R-Swift, Da’ T.R.U.T.H., J.R., The Ambassador, Everyday Process, FLAME & Phanatik.


1. Amazing – Level 3:16
2. So In Love (ft. Sarah Rodriguez) – Young Joshua
3. Chased – R-Swift
4. Make You Smile (ft. Tia Pittman) – Everyday Process
5. Love & Grace (ft. J.R. & Da’ T.R.U.T.H.) – The Ambassador
6. Re: Love Letter (ft. Michelle Bonilla) – R-Swift
7. I Love You – The Cross Movement
8. All I Need (ft. La’tia & Keran) – Everyday Process
9. So Sweet (ft. Dawn Dia from Cho’zyn) – FLAME
10. With You – J.R.
11. Love Does (ft. Ruth Gado) – Phanatik
12. N.F.L. (New Found Love) (ft. J.R.) – Da’ T.R.U.T.H.
13. I Love You Jesus – The Ambassador
14. The Love Letter (Bonus Track) – The Cross Movement

The Love Collection (Cross Movement Records) - Various Artists


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