I wanted to compile a mildly humorous list of the top 10 reasons why your beats may get rejected by a rapper. The comments are rooted in truth, but satire is used to add humor.


10. There are too many producers to choose from, so yours got cut. Those pesky producers are flooding the market with too many options for artists. If there were only a few producers, then you’d have your way much better.

9. Artists don’t know how to pick beats. Your beat was clearly the best track to use, but artists sometimes don’t know a mic from a mic stand. Give them time, they’ll figure it out. In the meanwhile, if those beats keep getting rejected, you can rest assured that there are no rappers out there who know a mic from a stand.

8. You are in the wrong era. Let’s be honest, your tracks could sound like something that should be on the interlude of a Family Matters episode. That sound went out a year ago…

7. Rappers are mean. There you go, they got that “rap spirit” and they stylin’ on you.

6. You sent them beats uninvited. Well, did you? They didn’t expect that you’d have their email address, didn’t expect that you’d send them a 200 MB zip file, and didn’t know what to think when your email didn’t properly use punctuations and cApital letterings and spelling and it was a run-on sentence and you talked too much and u typed lyke it wuz a txt mssg

5. You didn’t research the artist. Don’t send trap beats to an underground rapper. And don’t send classic boom bap to guys who do the old man to most of their songs.

4. Watch your pricing. You charged so much that people were expecting that the Neptunes were ghost producing for you. Seriously, this is Christian hip-hop! We broke, homie!

3. Timing is everything. You can either be too late or too early. Send a beat in too early and it gets old (which means it would have gotten old on the album). Send a beat in too late and the album making process is too far in to add you.

2. How easy you are to work with. Sometimes it all boils down to a person’s character. Is that producer easy to work with? Is he a snob? Lack of character can hurt you in such a small genre.

And now, for the number 1 reason why artists reject beats

1. No project development! Having someone manage the balance of sound on their project could be something that they need to help bring their album to a rounded out classic. This doesn’t answer why some of your beats get rejected, entirely, but it might answer why many indie projects don’t always have the best sound that they could. Finding the right production can go a long way to making an album better, and that’s one service that a project developer can give- helping you find the right production!