Rhema Soul in Bumps & Bruises “Artist Series” 2011 release

Introducing the Bumps and Bruises “Artist Series”. They set out to start an on going project of collaborating with artist such as Rhema Soul, from all styles and art forms. They wanted to showcase them while still growing the Bumps and Bruises brand. In their first release they’ve teamed up with three artist all with different styles but with one mind set and that is to work hard and be creative.

Rhema Soul is innovative to the core. Three albums in and no signs of letting up, touring constantly, making their presence known both nationally and internationally. What they do is more than create music, they create atmosphere. Along with the sale of the tees, Rhema Soul will be offering an exclusive remix download of their hit single, “Steez.”

Releasing on Bumps-Bruises.com Friday January 28th, 2011.


Written by Rapzilla

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