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Christian Hip Hop’s Best of 2010 Nominations

Christian Hip Hop’s Best of 2010 Nominations

After weeks of time, effort, and debate from the staff at Rapzilla, we bring to you the nominations for Best Album of 2010, Best Compilation of 2010 , Best Mixtape of 2010, Best Song of 2010, Best Artist of 2010, Best Group/Crew of 2010, Best New Artist of 2010, Best Producer of 2010, Best Album Cover of 2010, and Best Music Video of 2010.

To qualify to be nominated, the release date must have been during December 2009 to November 2010. Click ‘Like’ to vote for your top picks! We will be following up and posting the winners by reader votes as well as Rapzilla’s Best of 2010 picks. Voting ends February 10th.


Lecrae ‘Rehab’
Rhema Soul ‘Fingerprints’
Shad – ‘TSOL’
Sho Baraka ‘Lions & Liars’
Trip Lee ‘Between Two Worlds’


B3AR Fruit ‘Fruit Cocktail’
Cram Session V
DJ Official ‘Entermission’
Humble Beast ‘Humble Beginnings’
Night Owls 5 ‘Bird Flu’


Eshon Burgundy ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’
Gemstones ‘On the Road to Glory’
Jin ‘Say Something’
S.O. ‘The 5 Solas’
Serene ‘Different Strokes’


Dwayne Tryumf “Never Be the Same”
Lecrae “Background”
Rhema Soul “Fly Away”
Sho Baraka “We Can Be More”
Trip Lee “The Invasion”


Sho Baraka
Trip Lee


Group 1 Crew
Rhema Soul
The Washington Projects

New Artist

Kadence ‘Going In’
KamBINO ‘Reach’
Mr. Coldstone ‘The Unseen’ EP
The Voice ‘#loudandclear’
Watchman ‘Live Life Dead’ EP

Record Label

BEC Recordings
Cross Movement Records
Humble Beast
Lampmode Recordings
Reach Records


Alex Medina (Lecrae “Background”, Trip Lee “Invasion”, Sho Baraka “Famous”)
DJ Official (Entermission)
G Styles (Rhema Soul – ‘Fingerprints’)
IsReal Musiq (Json “Goon”, Young Joshua “My Life”, Level 3:16 “Crazy”)
S1 aka Symbolic One (Kanye West “Power”, Rhymefest, Stat Quo, Little Brother)

Album Cover

Dwayne Tryumf ‘777 (Mark of the Peace)’ – (designer: Matt Hughes)
Night Owls 5 ‘Bird Flu’ (designer: Syntax Creative)
Rhema Soul ‘Fingerprints’ (designer: Angel Acevado)
Sho Baraka ‘Lions & Liars’ (designer: Danny Jones)
Theory Hazit and Toni Shift ‘Modern Marvels’ (designer: Sean Herman)

Music Video

Rhema Soul “Fly Away” – (directed by Space Cherry Films)
Sean Slaughter “Who We Are” – (directed by Daniel Ostrem)
Shad “We, Myself, and I” – (directed by Christopher Mills)
Sho Baraka “We Can Be More” – (directed by Jason Miller & Sho Baraka)
Trip Lee “The Invasion (Hero)” ft. Jai – (directed by TK McKamy and Sho Baraka)


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