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Jake Lynn “Krazy Praize”



Everybody on the left
Give Him krazy praize 2x
Everybody on the right
Give Him krazy praize 2x
Together both sides
Give Him Krazy Praize 2x
Give that Krazy Praize to Christ
Give Him Krazy Praize 2x
Who’s unashamed? 4x
Go Loco!!!! 4x

Verse 1
I’m unashamed
So I give Him Krazy Praize
Runnin’ all over the place
You’d think I’m going insane
I can’t refrain when I think of the pain
He had to take in my place
He came and saved the day
He’s a hero to my rescue
So I go cowabunga dude (dude!)
Para Jesus, man I go loco
You already know, tu sabes
The place where God got me
Nadia en puede can stop me

Hook 2x

Verse 2
Yea man, I’m going loco
Dunno if I’mma flow in engles or espanol
Por qui mi Dios es bueno siempre
God is good always
He’s always faithful
Even when I’m ungrateful
Todo el mundo de la izquierda
Todo el mundo de la derecha
God will never let you down
So get up and let it out
Give Him that Krazy Praize
And shout it out

Hook 2x


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