Holy culture has found a home in Canada

With all eyes on Canada for the next big musical sensation, a young entrepreneur, Sola Ogunbitan, has just the right answer, Role Model Records (RMR). Sola Ogunbita, CEO and co-founder of Role Model Records (RMR), announces the launch of this urban record label featuring artists that fuse Gospel with hip hop, R&B, contemporary and neo-African music. Along with music, this label houses and operates multiple entertainment outlets.

Currently signed to RMR are multi talented rappers Spoken and DinahSty who have both shared the stage with international Christian artists and have performed on countless stages across North America.

With the release of his debut music project, Up by 13 the Mix Tape Spoken’s captivating single, I’m Gone feat O’sound, has been played on Christian and Mainstream radio stations across North America and parts of Africa. Despite his young age, his flow and lyrical ability have been compared to such heavyweights as Da.’ T.R.U.T.H., and Lupe Fiasco. Although he takes artistic cues from these musical icons, Spoken knows his specific calling into ministry comes first; he thus seeks to use the hip hop culture to point the world towards Christ.

DinahSty has made a name for herself as an emerging female holy hip hop artist. In 2008 she released her album Got a Ma, as an independent artist. She has since then stared in two short films, graced countless stages speaking to a wide range of audiences and hosted outreach and empowerment forums. This year she was nominated for a TIMA award for best urban music. With her strong personality, lyrical genius and passion for God’s truth, DinahSty is here to prove that eyes have not seen nor ears heard what God can do through a willing soul.

With our air-waves saturated with vulgarity and lewd imagery, Role Model Records seek to share the Word of God that is powerful to save and change lives through Urban Music, Multi-Media, and Community Events. RMR will also fill a great void in the media for millions of Christians who have been yearning for a positive representation.

Sola states – “Since we began in March 2010, we have had great success. We’ve inspired people to step away from gangs, drugs and many self-destructive lifestyles and practices. We’re excited about the future. The music, the tours, the events and many projects God will have us use to reach the world”. Follow the movement as they follow greatness.


Written by Rapzilla

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