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Swoope “Actions Speak Louder” ft. Lecrae, Tedashii, and Jai

Swoope “Actions Speak Louder” ft. Lecrae, Tedashii, and Jai

Actions Speak Louder is a song that will be released through Collision Records sold on iTunes on 11/16/10, with 100% of the proceeds being donated to His Voice Global to build a fourth orphanage in a war torn country that has left over 2 Million dead and many orphaned. Speak loud for orphans in Southern Sudan!


If I’m honest I’m tired, hungry, I’m frustrated, all of the above/
A little sore from civil war when all I seen was blood/
I shed tears, heartbroken, all I need is love/
Im Drowning fast in my sorrow, all of me is flood/
I’ve seen hurt, seen death, seen slaughter. Now I need some clean water, all I see is mud/
It’s like nobody out there cares ’cause all I see is shrugs/
It’s like nobody out there hears ’cause all their ears is plugged/
(Psalm 34)
Man I’m feeling like a lion whose hungry and weak/
So it’s the mighty God of Zion who humbly I seek/
I stumble and weep/ with the tears running from cheeks/
Each moment I wonder if he will ever so subtly speak/
And I’m confident He will so I’m confidently still/
Deliver me from sickness Lord conquer what is ill/
I still stand, and when I’m rescued is His choice/
I stand still and know my refuge is His voice//

God, today another home somebody owned is now a puddle/why the rain came I wonder while they wander through the rubble/
Why me, why now, should they think why not/
Is everything against me to take everything I got/
Someone got out the bed this morning some got of the floor/some went off to work this morning some went off to war/
Some ate half a plate and trashed it just to get some more/but trust me that’s not an option in places like Darfur/
Vision blurry as the skies cries like my eyes/
In despair I cast my cares as I cry to the sky/
I never hope in man, though some are willing they’re unable/
But I’m the kind who’ll be fine with crumbs from the Master’s table/
I know this situation hasn’t caught you by surprise/
In fact it’s with faith I choose to walk instead of sight/
I know that you love ‘em, since the womb you knew them/
You never forget/so may the grace that drew ‘em, renew ‘em/

I don’t have the words to articulate
the way you let me drown in your never ending grace
how my crimes are covered and washed away in blood
There is nothing in me conditioning you to make you love
I cant attract, impress or try to win your heart
but you give it all and you been involve
and your never change even when I’m wrong
your love still goes on to make an atonement
love infinite and unconditional
nothing can separate us cause now I live in you
there is no amount that can calculate your divine love
its so much that Christ was given to die for us
Its stronger than death, deeper than the ocean
bigger than the night sky the earth could never hold it
and its not impulsive, its holy and pure
its not a weakness or soft its sharp as a sword.


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