Snoop Dogg’s Evangelist Mom Praises Hip Hop Artist – Lawrence Riddles

As a well-known evangelist who travels the nation spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, it might not come as a great surprise that Beverly Broadus has tried to use her influence to change lives for the better.

In fact, Broadus is a 47-year member of her local Baptist church.

But at an age when most people are slowing down she has embarked on a fledgling career in the music industry.

This gives her something in common with her more famous son, Calvin Broadus — also known as Snoop Dogg.

The 59-year-old Broadus has signed on to co-manage a North Carolina based Christian rapper named Lawrence Riddles.

Riddles, 35, who was discovered after winning a talent showcase, has a promotional 5-track CD entitled “More than Music,” which chronicles his journey as a former drug dealer who lost one parent to addiction before he was saved.

“I’m co-managing Lawrence with a [manager] called Jake Bellamy, who got in touch with me to ask if I would consider it,” said Broadus.

“He sent me the information and the CD and I fell in love with it. This will appeal to a lot of people, especially round my son’s age in the 30s and 40s — even 20’s.

“When they hear it, it’s gonna blow their minds because this young man is talking about the street world of selling drugs — doing this, doing that. He lost his mom and then a few months later he lost his dad and there was just a whole bunch of stuff going on.”

She added: “But he found the strength to turn his life around because he wanted to be connected to the Lord and that’s what really got me.”

And another thing Broadus truly believes is that Riddles’ transformation is a precursor to what God has in store for her son, who was began his musical career as a singer and pianist at Golgotha Trinity Baptist Church in Long Beach.

“Yes, I truly believe that because it’s already been predicted,” she said. “God has already ordained him to preach the word … he will be a preacher. I told him that to his face.

“I see that God is turning him around: he’s totally different to when he first started. His children are growing up now, so he has to let go some of that profanity he’s been using. I prayed for him and God will show favor and make him a preacher. He will continue to rap, but it will just be changed to gospel.”

Broadus, who signed on with Riddles three months ago, continues her ministry talking to youth groups, domestic violence victims and when she’s invited, preaching to her Wednesday bible class at Golgotha.

In fact, it was during a Wave photo shoot last month that they first met face-to-face.

“We’d talked on the phone, but because of my commitments, we hadn’t been able to get together,” Broadus said.

“I’m praying that once Lawrence’s songs hit the airwaves, they will reach out and touch a lot of young men and women; those that are lost, those who are out in the streets and don’t know where to go.

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Chad Horton

Written by Chad Horton

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