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UK Rappers Come Together for Persecuted Christians

UK Rappers Come Together for Persecuted Christians

Open Doors, a worldwide charity serving persecuted Christians, has joined forces with Preacher Boy Missions to produce a music single, with award winning and highly talented Christian Hip Hop artists. This exciting collaboration will see different music performers joining together in support of Christians who are facing severe suffering for their faith in Jesus Christ.

The new single ‘Coming for Me’ is set to be released on Tuesday 16th November and will include MOBO and Urban Music Award winners. The artists involved are Jahaziel, Guvna B, New Direction Crew, E Tizz, McGladius from 29th Chapter, Armor MC, and S.O. The song was produced Grammy nominated and award winning producer Steven ‘G.P.’ Abramsamadu. A music video has also been produced by Preacher Boy Filmworks and directed by Andy Mundy-Castle. These artists are coming together to raise awareness and encourage Christians to make a stand and take action against the injustice of those suffering from religious persecution. The song will also be released in time to lend support to Open Doors’ ‘Right to Believe’ petition that will be presented to the United Nations- highlighting threats to religious liberty and standing with Christians who face persecution across the globe.

Rapper Jahaziel, who went on a trip to aid the persecuted in Pakistan, said: “Meeting with Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan who’ve lost homes, family, and their freedoms for following Jesus is the starkest reminder I have ever experienced of what the Gospel of Jesus means. Their horrific plight inspired me to want to be on this track with other artists to give these people a voice.”

Open Doors campaigns for those facing great persecution, like fifteen-year-old Anab Ghelle Hassan, who was abducted eight months ago by members of the controlling Islamic extremist group al Shabaab in Somalia because of her family’s conversion from Islam to Christianity. This extremist group want to impose a strict version of Sharia (Islamic law) and rid Somalia of its Christian community. Open Doors and Preacher Boy Missions hope the release of the single ‘Coming for Me’ will raise more awareness, support, and concern for Christians suffering for their faith, like young Anab.

Open Doors spokesman Jonny Goodchild says, “This is a wonderful opportunity, and a vital message to get out there to young people. Hip Hop is one of the most influential art forms in the world so what better platform? The Bible clearly states that when one part of the body suffers, we all suffer. We want to be a voice for the voiceless.”


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