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Lecrae “High” feat. Sho Baraka & Suzy Rock


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Lecrae verse 1:
turn my beat up/ ova dose mine/ & I don’t need drugs/ got the most high/ Holy ghost writer to compose my rhymes/ sin got us blind got a cloud on our mind/ I’m illuminated/ he opened up my eyes/ and now the spirit showing me the word is alive/ I was so low/ now I’m so so High/ Regenerated mind telling me that I’m alive/ and it’s working/ I’m so certain/ confident He created me for a purpose/ I’m somewhere in between the Jeans the jeans that y’all jerk in and them khakis the gangsters put they work in/ so no pup and syrup/ it’s all worthless/ I catch a real contact when I worship/ High/ turn the treble and the bass up/ I’m trying to see the Son thats why I got my face up/

Lecrae verse 2: I stand behind my bars like a inmate/ I promise I do the thangs that my pen say/ God is my sensei/ catch me in dojo/ so so cranked up like I’m popin no doze/but no doze homie don’t sleep/ the world is full of them sheep with the sharp teeth/don’t start me I’m on that lighter fluid/ fire brewin/ see me shinin from a mile or two/ I try to do it subtly but i can’t even muffle me/ like Moses off the mountain top somebody better cover me/world try to smother me/ so I just crank it up some mo/ love peace joy patience/ that’s what i be bankin on/ yeah Im turned up and i can’t stop/ this is Rock music/ yeah I rep the rock/ I don’t need a buzz/ I don’t need a shot/ already sky high and I think i see the top/


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